In Hardly Working, you pull pranks in an office building in order to steal valuable information, and sabotage the company.

While surfing the web one day, an anonymous messenger asks you if you are willing to do a top secret job for him. Having been unemployed for the past 6 months and totally broke, you choose to accept. He instructs you to infiltrate the nearby corporate headquarters of the worlds leading nuclear arms manufacturer. Go undercover and avoid being seen by the employees working there, create a distraction to lure the boss out of his office, and hack his computer to extract valuable company information. 

While sneaking around your office and hiding from the employees, pull pranks in the office with items that you can find laying around, and the boss will leave his desk to investigate. Avoid being seen by the employees, or your suspicion bar at the top of the screen will increase,  and once it becomes full, you are caught. Pulling pranks will give you a precious window of time to go into the boss' office, hack his computer, and download its valuable data. Make it out before the boss returns, because If he comes back and catches you, you fail. Sneak your way past 3 bosses and hack their computers to win the game.

  • Collect and combine items to prank employees and their boss
  • Sneak around the office and avoid being seen
  • Furiously type on your keyboard to hack the boss' computer
  • Prank your way to your huge payday  

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